Why my Soul are you Downcast !

It feels good to be back on the blog post after quite a long time. While my situation gave me a lot of reasons to be inactive from writing, I want to glorify God for leading me to write this post.

Lately, I see this picture of a Sine Wave in my mind. Something that is reminding me about the picture of life.

Is it not true? Our lives somewhat follow a similar pattern. Sometimes we are in a season of PEAK where we are thanking and praising God and we are experiencing God’s Glory. And sometimes we are in a season of VALLEY where we are let down and discouraged and the cares of the world have overwhelmed us.

In a phase like that, where our flesh has grown weak and our soul is downcast it is difficult to get back our strength, it is tough even to desire to have hope. All that we tend to accept is – Disappointment.

But how then do we overcome and give the strength that our soul is seeking?

In Psalm 42 and 116, the Psalmist who is going through a similar phase writes that

Psalm 42 –

NIV version

Similarly, in Psalm 116 we read –

NIV version

What did the Psalmist do? He spoke to his soul. The Psalmist set apart himself and spoke to his soul asking it to trust in the Lord (put your hope in God) and he INTENTIONALLY chooses to Praise God and remembers God’s goodness.

While I traced the path of valley in my life and found it very difficult to rise up and stand, this beautiful message the Psalmist wrote came as an encouragement. I, have personally encountered the peace, comfort and strength that came in as I spoke to my soul about finding rest in God.

It is okay to feel weak and have bad days. Perhaps, the real pruning takes place in this phase. God uses it for His purpose. Maybe you feel weak, tired and tough to live life with hope today. Like the Psalmist, set yourself apart to a quiet place, remember God, remember His good works in your life, remember how mighty He is. Speak to your soul to find REST in GOD and declare God is sovereign over all your circumstances. You will unleash a miracle within yourself. The situations might have not changed but you will be equipped with strength and above all it will uplift your FAITH.

When we uplift our faith we are Glorifying God and telling Him that He is indeed mighty and all things are possible with Him.

What else can comfort as like Faith in God can comfort.

I hope and pray this encourages you today and as you face your seasons of life, let me pray with you.

Heavenly Father, Lord we come before your throne of grace today. We will seek your will in our lives. Help us to trust in You and surrender everything to You. Lord, as we fight our battles, strength our soul and give us peace. May our soul will find rest in You alone.

In Jesus Name – Amen

Published by Meghana Gowda

An engineer by profession. Believer and a child of Lord Jesus Christ. Passionate about spreading the love of God.

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