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Adhering to God’s Plan

Sometimes, it might look like our present-day journey is nowhere related to the dreams or goals we have.
It gets frustrating as we recognize these irrelative days as days that are wasted away

Maybe some of us are in a phase where we have heard from God about a calling or a responsibility that He would bless us with. And we are so excited and looking forward to being there carrying it out.
But as real as it is, the time of preparation is the actual time where our faith is tested. The real faith test is when God has called you for a purpose but the path He is taking you through during your preparation nowhere relates to the calling.

When you really ask ” God… Do you really want me to be here doing this? But, it in no way relates to what you promised me.”
Here’s something about it.

Life of Abraham and Joseph

  • God promised Abraham to make Him the Father of Nations. So with the promise he received, Abraham should have actually had many children. And should have been trained to be a good father who could take care of many other children. But, what happened in Abraham’s life is so opposite. He was childless till the age of 95. He lived a life that was completely opposite to the promise He received.
  • God showed Joseph that he would be in a high position like a King and that his elder brothers and his father would bow down to him. In line with this promise Joseph should have been sent to a palace, taught all the skills a King should possess, must have been given with education and etc. But what happened in Joseph’s life? He was sold as a slave and he lived in a prison. He hardly had good clothes to be in.

But, was not God faithful in fulfilling His promises to them?
Like He said to Abraham, He did make Abraham the Father of all Nations. And we are the witness. Like He said to Joseph, He did make Joseph the Governor of Egypt and blessed that nation thousands of times abundantly during His reign.

Through the lives of Abraham and Joseph, we should be encouraged that God is faithful. He fulfills every promise He makes. And also learn that God’s way of preparing us is completely different from our perceptions.

The path that God would make us walk during our time of preparation might sometimes not be relatable. But, God clearly knows what exactly we need to train on.
And He knows the right path to prepare us for our calling. Though the path seems crooked or muddy or broken. That path is what we actually have to go through to prepare ourselves. Because He knows our weakness and only He can shape us into a useful vessels. So, when we completely abide by God’s direction, our irrelative days are not the days wasted but the actual days of pruning and chiseling.
Also never forget to remember
Isaiah 55:8-

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

    neither are your ways my ways,”

declares the Lord.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,

    so are my ways higher than your ways

    and my thoughts than your thoughts.


Published by Meghana Gowda

An engineer by profession. Believer and a child of Lord Jesus Christ. Passionate about spreading the love of God.

3 thoughts on “Adhering to God’s Plan

  1. Hallelujah….this gaved courage and releif… Glory to God…he really take cares of us in a lot different way….each time….each day…. Thank you so much Meghana…for penning up so beautifully… God bless you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hallelujah…this indeed gaved a courage and releif….our Lord always takes care of us …each day… Thank you so much Meghana for penning down…and delivering it beautifully… God bless you


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