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I Am Called. But, Am I Chosen?

Hi there..!! I hope you are doing good and staying safe. Lots of love and best regards to you and your loved ones 🙂

In this post, we will take a glimpse at one of the familiar verses from the book of Matthew.

Matthew, in chapter 22 (v2-v14) writes about the parable of the wedding banquet. To summarize – This passage highlights the ignorance of the people who were first invited to the wedding and how this made a way for others who were initially not invited to later receive the invitation.  Out of all who attended the wedding, one man was cast out from the ceremony because he attended the wedding without correct preparation. And the passage ends with the verse “Many are invited, but few are chosen”

I took a pause when I had finished reading it. All I could sense was a queue of questions each with its own reasons. Does God choose only a few out of all He has called? So, Now that I am called. Am I chosen even? What if the man was not wealthy enough to have a marriage attire and come prepared, was he still wrong ?

As I continued to pursue the answer. Here is what I found.

When God rejected the man who attended the wedding unprepared, the reason for it did not come from God’s likeness or dislikeness towards the man or not because he was not wealthy. It was because he failed to come prepared, his lack of interest in preparation. It is more like a student failing his/her exam, not because of the teacher’s lack of favor towards them but because they had not put their efforts into preparing well. Similarly, it is not because of God’s lack of favor towards this man but rather his own lack of effort. Now that he was invited to the wedding, it must have been his priority to make efforts and come prepared and rejoice that he would be attending a party. No matter what reasons he had, it must have been a priority to be prepared. It clearly explained the unbias attribute of God.

If being called by God happens with or without our conscience, being Chosen by God happens by the mindful efforts we put to present ourselves before God.

By coming prepared, his appearance would not have just made him look good and match others but would have also shown that he was happy and delighted to be a part of the celebration.

After we are called by God. It becomes our responsibility to value the invitation and get ourselves prepared in Christ. Maybe the man had his own reasons for not being able to keep up the expectation. But no reason can justify his carelessness.

So, now that I realized being chosen is upon me, on how I prepare myself in Christ. The only question I was left with is – God is willing to choose everyone. But, are we doing our best to be prepared so that we are Chosen as well?

May the Lord speak to us as we seek answers to our questions 🙂

How do we prepare ourselves..?? What does it take to prepare..?? To be continued…


Published by Meghana Gowda

An engineer by profession. Believer and a child of Lord Jesus Christ. Passionate about spreading the love of God.

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