Walking at God’s Pace

Have you anytime felt a sudden rush within you that made you run out of patience while waiting for a prayer to be answered?? We all know that it is not a good decision for us to ask God to match our pace rather it should be us who should be matching His pace. At times we find it difficult to hold onto this fact though we are well aware of it. But, there is someone in the Word of God we can be encouraged from and learn to walk at God’s pace.

This post is from the book of Mark 5: 21-43. In this passage, Jairus (a synagogue leader) pleaded with Jesus to heal his sick daughter who was dying. It’s in this passage we come across the woman who was healed by touching the cloak of Jesus.

But for now, we will focus on Jairus.

Overview of the passage – When Jairus pleaded for help, Jesus decided to see his daughter. Jairus’ situation seemed to be very critical as he mentioned that his daughter was dying. It was clearly evident that Jesus chose to walk rather than opting for any other means that could help Him reach faster. On the way, He came across the woman who was sick and stopped there to speak to her. Just when He had finished speaking, news came from Jairus’ home updating that his daughter was dead. But Jesus asked Jairus to BELIEVE that his daughter would be brought back to life completely healed. When they reached Jairus’ home people laughed at Jesus because Jesus said that the girl was still alive. But, He didn’t stop. He saw the girl and brought Her back to life.

When we approach Jesus there is an assurance of life to our dead situation. He is all-mighty and all-powerful. He can do miracles in all situations. But the question is are we walking like Jairus did?

Learnings from Jairus – Jairus stands as a character of patience. He had a critical situation. While bringing Jesus to his home, it was easy for him to suggest an alternate means of travel to reach faster. But he still chose to walk with Jesus. When Jesus stopped to search for the sick woman who had touched his cloak in that crowd. Jairus could have complained to Jesus that his situation was more critical and could have asked Jesus to focus on him more. But he did not complain. Even after hearing about his daughter’s death, he relied on Jesus’ assurance to BELIEVE that his daughter would be brought back healed. Though he saw people laughing at Jesus, he never gave heed to their words. He allowed Jesus to meet his daughter. And because he did so he got his daughter alive and healed.

The attitude of Jairus is something to be looked at. Even though speed was something that mattered the most in his situation he still chose to walk at Jesus’ pace. Not just that, at times when our challenges become critical we find it difficult to take care of others. But Jairus though he was in a critical situation he does not hesitate to allow Jesus to heal the sick woman. Above all Jairus believed Jesus’ assurance and allowed him to handle the situation.

At times we might want to hurry to do things and miss out on the perfection that God wants to give us. But, having patience and faith like Jairus will always keep us inclined towards God’s will. Truly our time of testing is the perfect time to show and please God with all that we have learned from His Word. By this we allow Him to take us on a new journey of learning and reforming. All we have to do is respond to our battles like we are chosen children of God and allow Him to work at His pace.

Definitely, the One who knew the perfect time for creating all things also knows the perfect time for our provisions and answers.

Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, I thank you Lord for this life you have given and for your protection upon us. Lord help us to trust in your pace and walk with you patiently. Help us to surrender every bit of life into your mighty hands. In Jesus name we pray, Amen !

Published by Meghana Gowda

An engineer by profession. Believer and a child of Lord Jesus Christ. Passionate about spreading the love of God.

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