Jeremiah and Ebed-Melek

Dear Reader, as I write this instance about Jeremiah and Ebed-Melek I would like to put forth the blessings of a RECEIVER and a GIVER. Read below this instance.

Jeremiah – The Prophet, was chosen by God to speak to the people of Israel about the coming destruction because of their idolatry. Since his prophesies always declared the King’s defeat and destruction of the city he was hated by all. Persecution was all the time on his way. With the evil plan to kill Jeremiah, the officials of the King lowered Jeremiah into a well that had no water but only mud. (Refer Jeremiah 38: 1-6)

Clearly, we see Jeremiah had no way to escape from that well. With most of the people against him, it did not seem like it was easy to find someone who could help him.

Did it mean it was the end of Jeremiah’s life?

It was certainly not. Though Jeremiah’s situation was not in his favor there was one helping hand that came forward to save Jeremiah. It was Ebed-Melek. Ebed-Melek spoke on behalf of Jeremiah and won the King’s favor to release Jeremiah from the well. (Refer Jeremiah 38: 7-13) .

It takes a lot of courage to be different among the people who share common opinions. What Ebed-Melek did to Jeremiah is courageous and life-saving. His help did not go unrewarded. Ebed-Melek receives a promise from God that he would be in complete safety when the city is brought to destruction. (Refer Jeremiah 39 : 15-18)

Blessings of the RECEIVER: Jeremiah here is the receiver. The blessing he received is an unexpected help. At times when the cares of our life lower us into the well, it is obvious for us to lose hope. We do not see a way that can actually bring us up, but the truth is God is watching over us. He is aware of our situation and is working on it already. There is a way He is preparing for us.

Blessings of the Giver: Ebed-Melek is the giver here. He was used as a blessing to Jeremiah. Maybe God laid on Ebed-Melek’ s heart to help Jeremiah and Ebed-Melek had responded positively. The blessing he received for his kind act is a blessing of safety in times of trouble. No good work goes unrewarded by God. As a child of God, it is our responsibility to be sensitive to the voice of God and to carry out the responsibilities He assigns us with.

If you are that receiver and waiting to see a way do not be discouraged because God is aware of all of it and he is making a way to bring you out. Rejoice there is help coming your way !!

If you have been that giver please be encouraged that being helpful to others is one of the ways to receive God’s greatest blessing.

If this post has spoken to you and has made even the slightest difference then I thank God for answering my prayers πŸ™‚ Please feel free to post your comments I would love to read them.

Thank you!

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An engineer by profession. Believer and a child of Lord Jesus Christ. Passionate about spreading the love of God.

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