Fact Check !

What measure do you use to decide if you are right or wrong!

Most often we are dependent on our conscience. We make decisions and actions based on the conviction of our conscience (Refer Romans 2: 14). Conscience is a preset list of principles that individuals have made up for themselves that is usually based on the nature of the environment they have grown up. It differs for each person.

But have you anytime experienced that your conscience has not alarmed when you took a wrong decision and you realized it when you had regretted those decisions? Yes, it does happen. Not all times our conscience will guide us in taking corrective actions. At times we are blindfolded by it. What seems to be right in our eyes can actually be a wrong move.

How then do we know if we are taking the right decisions?

It is from the Word of God. Every time we make a decision it is always good for us to put ourselves in the Word of God. Imagine yourself transformed into a tiny animated self-standing between the pages of the Word of God. Now ask yourself what the Word of God would want you to do in that situation. Do not look at that situation from a worldly perspective. Check if the decision you made conflicts with the commandments of God or if it goes against His word. After its being checked, if what you have decided does not compromise on what God wants you to do and does not go against His word then go ahead make that decision. Even if it seems to be complicated you can now boldly take that step because you are confident that it is the right move.

As believers and children of God, it is good for us to replace our conscience with the Word of God and to pray for God’s wisdom every day.

Studying and understanding the Word of God is what it takes!

Published by Meghana Gowda

An engineer by profession. Believer and a child of Lord Jesus Christ. Passionate about spreading the love of God.

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