Who or What is your Dependency on?

Have you anytime tried to observe our dependency levels? I firmly believe that human beings are always dependent on someone or something for various other reasons. Our dependency starts from the moment we are created in our mother’s womb. We grow in her womb by consuming the food she consumes and by breathing the air that she breathes. No doubt our dependency starts increasing after we come out into the world.

When I say dependency, I actually mean our dependency on someone or something to make ourselves feel secure and comforted. We are stronger together. That is the beauty of God’s creation. God created all the living creatures to be interdependent. But because He loved us more, He made us in His own image and gave us the authority over His creations! (Genesis 1: 26)

So, by default, we are more comforted when we have someone to understand us and stand beside us through thick and thin. And we gain the courage to fight our challenges when we have a support system.

As kids, we always ran to our parents to share with them our daily stories because we knew that our parents would understand us and they would stand beside us no matter what. We were comforted by the fact that we had someone to get back to. As we grow up and get to know the world better, the challenges the world throws at us are no less. We strive to fight it by ourselves. Sharing it with parents does not comfort us because we believe that they do not understand us anymore.

With the growing stress levels, frustrations, work pressures, betrayals and sometimes looking at the world’s cruelty we often fail to fight all the challenges that come by. We start giving up because we do not actually use the armor that can shield us. We sought to find a way to relieve ourselves from the pain and disappointments that come our way. We are not stronger to take life the harder way so we search for means that give us quick solutions. It is on this journey of finding a solution we often fall off track. Most of them find relief from their pain by bad influences and others by getting into toxic relationships. Love that is supposed to be the reason for our happiness often becomes the venom that takes our life.

God made us have a beautiful life and we can have it if we have Him with us. But because of the lies that we believe to be the truth we are misled into taking wrong decisions. The nature of dependency that God inculcated in us turns out harmful due to our wrong choices of dependencies.

The giving-up phase in life where you find yourself weak is truly the time you actually get to decide who you want to be. It is at that point God is touching your life to call you closer to Him. But it is you who gets to decide whom to choose as your support system. It is your will to either choose the eternal power of God or powers of the dark world.

As God wishes us to be dependent on each other, He also desires us to be dependent on Him. Our low points in life are simply the rungs of a ladder. Every rung you step on you are getting more closer to God. If you decide to believe and trust in Him, He becomes your refuge and stronghold. You can run to Him anytime in any state because just like your parents comforted God would also comfort you with much more love. If you really wish to know why dependency on God is a safe place read the truths below.

God Is Constant

Unlike humans, God does not change His decisions or opinions based on His emotions or feelings. His thoughts about you are always positive. He always thinks good about you. His power never diminishes. He is the sovereign Lord He stays the same forever. His love never changes. He is a God who fulfills every promise.

God Is Merciful

All of us fall short of the goodness of God. We no way deserve to receive His love. But still, He chooses to love us. He will forgive you multiple times and will always want you to be back with Him. He will accept you for the way you are. No matter what we do His plans for us are always to give a good future.

God Is Just

There is no bias in our Father’s House. We all are one to Him and He is the only one to us. He rules with justice. His wisdom can never be matched. He is PERFECT. Nobody who trusts in Him will be disappointed. He rules in favor of all.

Above all you know what ? (Deuteronomy 31:6)


Yes, God will never leave you. He is with you forever. You do not have to be in the fear of losing Him.

The building of your life stands strong if you make God as your FIRM FOUNDATION.

I have a strong desire to share the below verses from the Word of God which I truly believe God is laying on my heart right now. As you read I just pray the comfort of God flows in you.

In the book of Matthew 11:28, we see one of Jesus’ (God the Son) promises.

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 

In the book of Jeremiah 29:11, we see God’s (God the Father) promise to give us a good future.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God is willing to take your burdens on Him and give you the best of the best things. But the question is, “Are you willing to give it all to Him ?”.

Image only for representation purpose

When the Creator Himself is assuring us of providing REST and a FUTURE what more truth do we need to comfort us.

Consider Him in your lives because He wants to be with you. Trusting Him will never do bad to us. Take a step closer He will take two steps to come closer to you. He will guide you with His wisdom to fight your challenges. He will be that support system that you need. You can run to Him without a second thought.

As I conclude this post I only want to say do not hesitate to start over. Your current situation might seem to have gone out of control and you see no ways to get it back right. Do not let the guilt or hopelessness stop you. Have faith in the Word of God. Surrender all your troubles to Him. He can make right what you think cannot be made right. Lift your face towards Him and pray to Him for deliverance. He will answer you.

I would love to pray along with you.

Lord, I wanna thank you for the life of this reader. Lord, I pray that you will deliver them out of all the troubling situations they are going through and fill them with your strength. Help them Lord to fight every battle that comes ahead of them. Father, Dress them in your armor every day and surround them with your presence. May your love be with them.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen !

Fear not. God knows it all, He is in Control !

Published by Meghana Gowda

An engineer by profession. Believer and a child of Lord Jesus Christ. Passionate about spreading the love of God.

6 thoughts on “Who or What is your Dependency on?

  1. In my current situation that I am in right, it was like it was written for me. Truly I was blessed. I don’t like reading, but this post I was just wanting to read everything. God bless you Meghana. May God use you in his mighty way for expansion of his kingdom.


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