The Good News !

It was mid of summer season, I sat on my chair in the balcony feeling the warm breeze and focusing on the Sun who with his soothing colors was bidding his goodbyes for the day. Oh ! How I had thanked God for that beautiful creation He had made which was perfect in all its ways.

As I sat there cherishing that moment I was caught by a thought. I wondered if there could be any Good News this year after all the struggles the year 2020 had made us face. The more I thought about it more it started to worry me, but before the worry could get me disappointed I sensed a voice that whispered. A feeble voice that was trying to remind me of something.

Without wasting a moment I took the Bible which was beside me and paid attention to what the voice was actually trying to remind me of. And guess what ? I was directed to this verse !

John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

The moment I had completed reading the passage my eyes were filled with tears, very soon my doubts and anxieties were replaced by hope and comfort. These beautiful lines that stands as an hallmark of the LOVE of God is the complete expression of God’s compassion towards us.

At times when we find it challenging to give things that we love, God our creator did not hold back His one and only Son from us. As an expression of His love and His willingness to bring us back in relationship with Him He gave us His only Son Jesus Christ. So that through Jesus we would be set free from every negative bondage and cherish everyday that we are on earth. Not to forget God made Jesus the way for an eternal life.

Sounds very weird ? Wonder why God had to give His only Son for our sake ? Thinking He could have chosen other ways to express His love ?

I got you the answer. We being His creations failed to recognize the love He has for us. Though we are not created by ourselves but by the will of God we did not value His presence. We believed in our own wisdom. Yet He was patient. God always desired that His children would to close to Him and have faith in Him because with Him all things are possible. He desires to remove darkness from our lives by bringing the light of hope. Giving us His Son was the ultimate act of love. And Jesus, Son of God humbly came into the world to live with us !

Jesus Christ God himself became that light to takeaway every darkness. He came to earth not to condemn it but rather to SAVE (John 3 : 17). All the time He was here with us He made us understand the power of love. He healed the sick, He gave sight to blind, He stood for the weak and the oppressed. His commands were obeyed even by the seas. While He only did good to us, What was done to Him ? The world repaid Him with persecution. He was mocked, whipped and treated brutally till His precious blood poured out of Him. Jesus the only heir of God took all of it for our sake to make us the heirs of God along with Him. By shedding His blood on the cross and sacrificing His life for us He defeated the enemy as it was promised by God (Genesis 3:15) . He broke the bondage of sin and made us all free from our sins. Jesus didn’t stop there. He was risen back to life and proved to all of us that He is the ‘ Messiah – The Savior ‘.

It is through Jesus that our relationship with God is bridged back. He is the living God who comes to live with everyone who call on Him.The miracles that Jesus did while He was here on earth still continues to happen till today and it will keep happening forever because He is a miracle working God whose power never changes.

The sacrifice Jesus did on cross deserves to be made known to all and all of us deserve to know this truth to be set free from sins and to live life in happiness. God is not just about rules and Jesus is not only about religion They are the symbol of love and relationship. Words fall short if I really have to write about the love of God. BECAUSE THAT IS HOW MUCH HE LOVES US !!

Dear reader if you have made it till here I am so thankful to you. I believe that this Good News about God’s love will comfort you and takeaway all the bitterness that you hold and set you free to live life to its full potential. May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and protect you.

The only purpose of my blog is to reveal the love of God to bring light into our darkness and finding out Gods ways to overcome our challenges. In all the upcoming posts you will see my concepts revolving around God the Father (Creator) , God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit (Gift of Jesus) – TRINITY as we name. Every post will be based on the revelations in Bible.

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Meet you soon in the next blog post ! Keep Smiling. JESUS LOVES YOU !!

Published by Meghana Gowda

An engineer by profession. Believer and a child of Lord Jesus Christ. Passionate about spreading the love of God.

11 thoughts on “The Good News !

  1. Wonderful dear….it’s indeed a joy to read the word of God… which makes a way in the situation of today’s world…. looking forward for more…. lots of love 💕… keep it up…


  2. Wonderful dear….I am glad that you are beautifully penning down the word of God… which is indeed a blessing which makes a way to so many souls… keep it up ❤️…lots of love and looking forward for more ❤️


  3. Awesome Meghana. Thanks for sharing. It is really encouraging. Keep up the good work and don’t stop what you are doing ☺️🙌


  4. beautifully expressed…!! We know he loves us so much but we always take him for granted..n today your post reminded me greatful I am for his unconditional love..god bless you Meghna..keep reminding us through his words..


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